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Emric (Musician)

"It was seriously way more enjoyable than I ever thought that could be!...Thanks for the amazing work!! You were the one for me!"

- November 2017

Dave Strand of The Strand (band)

"Great job. I'll be sure to work with you again, and suggest you when people ask me who we use. Thanks for the quick turn around. Typically photographers take fore-EVER to get photos to us."

- June 2014

Mark Fowler of Selfess (band)

"WOW Kat!! I don't know what to say, these are some of the most amazing photos that have been taken of our band! Once again, awesome! The guys will be blown away! I will definitely be getting a print for myself at some point!"

- June 2014

Jesse Flint of 80*D (band)

"I like the photo too.. its very surreal.. it reminds me of one of those old school 3d viewer photos.. the quality is amazing!"

- June 2014

Lauren Mann (band)

"@KataklizmicD I just had a quick glance and they look amazing!!! Thank you so much! "

- July 2013

The Prowling Kind (band)

"They are great! You have a great eye and talent. "

- July 2013

Mankind is Obsolete (band)

"Thanks so much Kat, we really appreciate you taking all these pics. We ♥ them! "

- July 2013

Ryan Hutman of HARWIRE (band)

"I also wanted to say I am glad you are planning on doing it full time. I think you are one of the best photographers around. "

- March 2013

Sabina Chowaniec (model & make-up artist)

Re: photo shoot collaboration with Raw Imagery (http://rawimagery.net/)

"Thank you for everything that day. I appreciated your direction and working with my insecurities. You guys made it a fun experience despite the fact that I was freezing my tush off. It was well worth it. This image pretty much proves that. <3"

"Adam emailed me the photos you guys liked. I'm pleasantly surprised. I didn't think there would be that many decent ones worth editing. You did an awesome job getting good angles and such... It's my honest opinion. Most photographers get annoyed when someone has insecurities, but you totally worked around them. I appreciated that and it made me more comfortable. Well....as comfortable as you can get when you're freezing half to death. lol"

- January 2013

Klarra Daniele (dancer)

"Omg. Your work is alluring! You have such a great eye. The shadows of your pics are so beautifully captured!"

- January 2013

Nyla Farraz aka Nyla the High Pimptress (dancer)

"Your photos are stunning! Awesome color and composition! I am really excited to work with you on location!... Your photography is very nice and your ability to capture color so vividly is impressive!"

- January 2013

Amelia Arsenic of Angelspit (band)

"Great photos dude and you looked so nice in your dress that night!"

- December 2012

Tim Cheatle (musician)

"Your photography is excellent!"

- December 2012

Nyla Farraz aka Nyla the High Pimptress (dancer)

"Oh wow! Your ability to capture such flattering light is amazing! Add this to my list of other images I need to get from you!"

- December 2012

Matthew Lewter of The Strand (band):

"Great photos! Nice work!"

- November 2012

Scott Levy of Access Zero (band):

"Thanks for the great Access Zero photos! Alright if I post a couple to my profile with your info on them? You do a kickass job. We'll totally hire you next time we do some promo pics. :) … Ryan from Hardwire was just mentioning what a great job you do also… Keep at it! You rock."

Angelo Mejia of The Kollective (event promoter):

"Pictures are GREAT as usual. Thanks again Kat. You have a very gifted sight."

Fuchsia Angel of Bella Lune (band)

"Thank you for the amazing Bella Lune photos! You are the shit!"

- September 2012

Greg Fennell, Saboten Con 2012 Chair

"You did amazing this year capturing the concerts, I hope you will be on our staff for all our conventions. Defiantly good shots for us to use for marketing. Great work!"

-September 2012

James Bound of Horns 'N Halos (event promoter)

Re: Fetish Revolution 2012 photo set:

"Your shots from the event are incredible!"

- August 2012

Jonah Foree of HARDWIRE (band) re: Fetish Revolution 2012 photo set:

"Awesome photo set! Thanks!"

- August 2012

Brandon Dooley of The Iris (band) re: full set of HD videos:

"Holy hell! Have I mentioned how wonderful you are lately? THANK YOU so much. "

- July 2012

Ryan Hutman of HARDWIRE (band) re: full set of HD videos:

"Those videos you took of us are amazing. Thank you so much! "

- July 2012

Mishkin Fitzgerald of Birdeatsbaby (band):

"Thank you for the gorgeous photos from Phoenix!"

"Hi Katherine! Thank you again for the wonderful photos, they are goregous! I have shared them on our page. Would it be possible to email over the photos for us to put up online elsewhere? I'd love to upload them to our live shows!"

"The photos are incredible… looking forward to putting them up online!! "

- June 2012

Adam Messler (Photographer)

"[Kat] is very good at what she does that's for sure… "

- June 2012

Song Ja Park (Model, Fashion Designer):

"KATTTT!!!! The photo looks AMAZING!!! "

"I am just so overwhelmed with how awesome the photos have came out so far; you know what you're doing girl !"

"YOU ARE AMAZING!!!! Damn you sure know how to capture me sexy lol! OMGGGGG I LOVE THEMMMMMM So freaking much! These are so Pro! I love them, love them!!!!! I wouldn't change one thing about them! Holy cowwww!!!! You did such a amazing job Kat! Thank you sooo much!!!!"

"You are such a well rounded photographer! I'll be referring you left and right for sure!"

- June 2012

Jim "Fury" Hesterman of 80*D (band):

"I LOVE THEM… The best live photos of us that we have. They rock… I knew they would. There were a couple of me that I did like, which says a lot, so kudos to you. "

Jim "Fury" Hesterman (Furious Ideas Photography, photographer):

"The [Madame Trapeze] fashion show shots are spot on; best I've seen from that night ...I also like how consistent you were in your shots; the person was framed accurately both coming toward, and leaving. Plus you got both on most, or all that I saw; most people didn't do that, I found it exceptional."

Bill Butler (Photos by Bill Butler, photographer):

"Your shots are by far the best of the [Madame Trapeze fashion] show. Very impressive! ...I was very impressed by the fact that you had a high success rate with your photos, ie most worked. You also shot very low, which works really well in run way. Last of all you edited, which very few of the other photographers did. "

Erin Castronova (runway model):

"All of your shots have come out amazing!! Nice work love! ...You deserve all the amazing compliments you've gotten about the show! Your work truly stood out among the dozens of photographers at the show that night. The lighting, the angles, everything about your photographs captured the true beauty and fashion that was Madame Trapeze! "

Brianne Dunn (musician, artist, best friend) re: Madame Trapeze photography:

"I saw a few of the photos so far and they look grand. Between all the photographers, people, and model movement, you still captured breath taking photos and I gathered I missed something rather amazing from your photos alone. That says a lot. I know your incredible talent and ambition, but I think it grows and progresses rapidly. You tend to outdo yourself every time. "

Angelo Mejia of The Kollective (event promoter):

"Katherine, your talent outweighs your oppertunity given. Thanks for everything you have done so far & look forward to having you shoot bigger & better shows for us in the future. "

- May 2012

Christopher Mark (Kollective AZ concert photographer):

"I'm pretty fortunate to have met you as well! We have many more experiences and chances to showcase our work together! You are a VERY talented individual and I'd like the opportunity to share that with you!"

- May 2012

Mikoto (lolita fashion designer) of Poison Sugar:

"I love these so much! I finally feel like my photos convey the quality and pride that I take in my work. Thank you so much for capturing it."

- May 2012

Song Ja (lolita fashion designer) of Cake Shop Couture:

"Thank you Katherine Amy Vega with Kataklizmic Design for all of the amazing photos! C.S.C. ♥s You!"

- May 2012

Jared Bakin of The Attitude (band):

"Just saw all of the pics u took from the Martini Ranch show...they look AWESOME, and just want to say thank you! You ROCK!! See ya next time =)"

- March 2012

Brandon Dooley of The Iris (band):

"Thank you so much for the pictures! You ALWAYS get the best shots."

- March 2012

Scott of GrindHouse (band):

"Katherine, your photos are simply amazing. I love them all. I cant believe how good you made us look, haha. I would love to talk about purchasing some or all of them, could you give me as much info as you can."

- March 2012

Mike of GrindHouse (band):

"Those [photos] are fantastic, very professional!!!"

- March 2012

David of GrindHouse (band):

"Those [photos] are awesome!!!"

- March 2012

Fuchsia Angel (Catwalk Fashion Show Model):

"I love the new photo, thank you so much... the way u set your camera for the lighting looks amazing, great job!"

- February 2012

Angelo Mejia of The Kollective (event promoter):

"Kat, The pictures are AMAZING to say the least. Thank you again. I hope to have you back again soon. Please stay in contact."

- February 2012

Anonymous Artist:

"Kat, those photos are phenomenal. Like professional, get paid lots of money for them. I have 2 friends that have considered themselves photographers for YEARS and they shoot bands and you make their photos look like piss... "

- December 2011

Shelby Robertson (comic artist):

"You've always fuckin rocked! I check your page and pics often at Flikr and such...Keep at it and posting pure awesomeness! "

- December 2011

Fuchsia Angel of Bella Lune (band):

"Thank you for the amazing photos and the video.... Thank you so much for taking the photos!! They were really amazing. They are some of the best live photos that have been taken of us. "

- December 2011

Karl (Zoog Von Rock) of Angelspit (band):

"Thank you Katherine! these rock! "

- December 2011

Dahvie Vanity of Blood on the Dance Floor (band):

"You take some pretty sweet pics! Angelspit will flip when they see your stellar work."

- December 2011

Farewell, My Love (band):

"These photos look amazing, thank you very much "

- December 2011

Ryan Hutman of Hardwire (band):

"These are fantastic. Thank you for taking these. They are done very well. "

- November, 2011

Angelspit (band) on photo set of their AZ Fetish Ball performance:

"Thank you! This is amazing!!"

Valerie Gentile of Angelspit (band):

"I love your photography! Beautifully done!"

Kierra S.:

"Awsome photos, videos and amazing artwork!"

Micah Electric of 9 Electric (band):

"These look awesome! Thank you!!!"

M. Lopez of 9 Electric (band):

"Thanks Katherine, they look great! We'll post a handful of them tomorrow. Thanks again for the photos and cool vid! Looking fwd to rocking with you all in AZ again very soon :)"

Brandon Dooley of The Iris (band):

"THANK YOU!!! They're wonderful!!!"

Bryan Upton of The Iris (band):

"Your photos are beautimus!"

9 Electric (band):

"We ♥ it! Thanks for the footage...it rocks and so do you!"

Scott Landes of Mankind is Obsolete (band) re: photo set of their AZ Fetish Heat performance:

"These rock so much... Thanks SO much Kat! :D"

Dawn U (J-fashion model, Taiyou Con '11):

"Ahh! They turned out great! You're a really good photographer and I'm glad we exchanged information to keep in touch; otherwise I wouldn't have seen these :)"

Shayla Beesley of Beezlewood (band):

"Kittie V You're really damn good, thank you for taking those!"

Mike McHale of Peachcake (band):

"I have seen them and they all look great. Great job and thanks for always taking awesome pics of us at shows."

Ciradessa Corellia of Kitsune Robot (band):

"*sings* Kat is the best! I heart Kat! She takes good pictures! I love them all! Love love love! (I promise this song sounds better in person. XD )"

Jalipaz Nelson of Black Cactus Records:

"Hey Kat the photos look sooo good thank you so much for everything!"

Ciradessa Corellia, Convention Director for Taiyou-con 2010:

"I definitely definitely DEFINITELY want you as a photographer for the convention... you are amazing."

Ron Shelton, Photography Manager for Saboten-con 2009:

"I looked at your site, you do very nice work. Let me know if you would be interested in doing any photography work at future events."

Ciradessa Corellia of Kitsune Robot, Convention Director for Saboten-con 2009:

"Thank you so much! This is fantastic work! I can't wait to see the rest. :)... Wow, thank you so much for the article! I sent it off to the bandmates as well. This is great stuff!"

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