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Website Design & Development Services

Website design, development, and maintenance are offered by us. Not only will you get a beautifully designed website, but it can also be set up for traffic analytics, secured, and optimized for loading speed and seach engines - which is important for search engine ranking.

Website Creation

Full Website Design

Develop a website from the ground up; whether it's your first website, a re-build or improvement of you existing site.

Standard websites include a template, content layout, text formatting, performance optimization and basic search engine optimization.*

Total project fees are determined after a full review of scope and expectations are set. I am dedicated to meeting your wants and needs, and offering the best quality, and resulting with your satisfaction. Request a Consultation

Upgrade Options:

  • Custom Template
  • Responsive Web Design (for optimal viewing on mobile, tablets, & desktop.)
  • SSL Certificate Installation & Renewals
  • Speed Optimization
  • CDN
  • Google Analytics Setup
  • Google AdSense Setup
  • Google Search Console Setup
  • Graphic Design (Template Skins,
    Vector Art, Photo Manipulation)
  • Photography / Stock Images
  • Video Production
  • Advanced Galleries / Slideshows
  • Blogs
  • Stores (eCommerce)
  • API Integrations
  • Databases (MySql)
  • Security Features
  • Login Features

* Client is responsible for purchasing domain name and website hosting (the online storage) from a provider; however Kataklizmic Design will be glad to guide you!


Website Updates

Content Addition, Removal, & Other Alterations to Existing Websites

Maintenance may include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Wording, Formatting
  • Images, Graphic Design
  • Layout
  • Widgets / Plug-ins
  • Plug-in Updates
  • Theme Design / Re-design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Performance Optimization
  • Installing SSL Certificate
  • CDN Setup

Billed by the hour. Contact for a quote.

Software Testing

Website Quality Assurance

  • Link Testing
  • Copy Editing
  • Bug Documentation
  • UX Review
  • Accessibility

Billed by the hour. Contact for a quote.

Professional Experience

Owner Katherine Amy Vega started creating websites in 1998, and has worked with with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, .NET environment, Flash, PHP, MySql (databases), XML, Wordpress (blogs), and eCommerce sites. She has a decade+ career behind her in front-end web development.

Certified in Media Arts: Web Page Design by Mesa Community College with Highest Distinction.

Her career started when she was hired to professionally build websites full-time in 2007 by GoDaddy, and assembled thousands of websites for small businesses for the same employer for 6 years.

She was then employed as a Front-End Web Developer for a multi-award-winning company, Prizelogic, that runs promotions for nationwide and multinational brands for 2.5 years.

Katherine also worked full-time for a 5-month contract with a domain registrar and web development services provider, Yodel (acquired by Web.com); developing, updating, and troubleshooting corporate and local franchise websites.

Bitly contracted Katherine for Software Testing in 2018, which continued on through Kataklizmic Design for the first two quarters of 2021. Katherine is now employed full-time as a QA Engineer for Bitly.

Having been self-employed for years in between and after jobs, Katherine continues to develop for clients, develop and maintain her own multiple websites, and learn new technologies.

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